When Should I Use a Canonical vs. a 301 Redirect?

  Before we dive in, we need to understand the differences between a 301 and a canonical tag. 301 Redirects: A 301 redirect is a way of permanently moving one URL to another. From a user perspective, they type in one URL and magically get a different one. No content is loaded on the original URL, it just redirects to the new place. Most ways of doing this introduce a small delay in load times, but with CDNs and caching and modern technology, it really isn’t something we need to worry about. There’s a  ton  of different ways to implement a 301 redirect. If you’re on Apache you can do them in your .htaccess file. It’s a bit different on Windows hosting. You can even use a scripting language to do a redirect in code, although I would prefer to do it at the .htaccess level if possible. The various ways to do redirects are beyond the scope of this article. Canonical Tags: The canonical tag has been around for a long time. It’s coming up on its 12th birthday, but SEO pros still continue to s

Importance of python in web applications | Angular Webs

Python is one of the world’s most popular coding languages, was first conceptualized in the late 1980's, influenced by the ABC and Modula-3 languages. Among the world of programming languages, if there’s one that has gained cult status in the shortest span of time, it’s Python. Compared to other languages ​​such as PHP, Java, C ++, Python web development is easier to learn and is a better choice for beginners. However, that does not mean that the job will not go well. Low cost website designing It's safe to say that it is one of the most popular programming languages ​​today. In fact, it was the first coding language in the last five years. Python is suitable for a wide variety of web projects, from simple to complex. Widely used in various fields such as travel, medical, transportation and finance, it is used for web development, software testing, scripting and generation. Some of the top companies are using Python in their technology stack: Insta

Why we hire an Indian web developer to create a website?

Finding the best web developer in India is a daunting task as it is one of the best IT outsourcing destinations. Which company to rely on? Which profile do you adopt? Do some of the key queries come to your mind? Are you trying to create or recreate a business website and are worried about your budget? Tell me, you are not alone. Get Low Cost Web Design in Hyderabad to make your business Online. India is a preferred offshore development destination. The developers here are the most versatile and efficient workers. Companies that request an online solution to a development problem are considered the best places. Creative blend of minds: Professional designers are very creative in their approach. They are impressive and their unique ideas can make your website unique and attractive to potential audiences. You have the potential skills to design the best possible site that promises high conversion rates and ROI. Higher productivity: Offshore development guarant

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What is jQuery? Use of jQuery in Web Development

JQuery: JQuery is an open source JavaScript library designed to provide easy client-side scripting for HTML. It works on all major browsers. JQuery’s motto is to write less and do more. It is widely used to perform various tasks on client browsers to save bandwidth and provide a better user experience. Main features of jQuery: • JavaScript Simplification: Simplifies DOM manipulation and event handling for rapid web development. • Event handling: jQuery provides an effective way to capture various events without cluttering the HTML code, such as when the user clicks on a link. Lightweight: jQuery is a compact and lightweight library about 19KB in size. • Animation: It comes with lots of built-in animation effects that you can use in your web app to make it more interactive. Best website design company Hyderabad How to use jQuery: JQuery is a big blessing for all web developers, from beginners to experienced users. This is a JavaScript library that

Importance of CSS in Web Design / Development

Web design is the soul of a website. It plays an important role in website performance and success. This is the reason why web developers pay special attention to business web design. Cascading style sheets, commonly known as CSS, are an integral part of the modern web development process. By separating the content from the design, it is a very effective HTML tool that allows you to easily control the layout and display of the website page. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets have made web page development much easier. With CSS, you can easily link to other documents in your website. You can control different elements of different web pages of your site with the help of CSS. CSS defines only the structure of the website and the content presentation. It has nothing to do with website design. Best website design company Hyderabad Advantages of CSS in Web Design / Development: Fast loading and less bandwidth: CSS is preferred by web developers because it is lighter th

AngularJS Development Tools for Web Developers

There is no developer who likes to write code the old-fashioned way these days. With deadlines, pending projects, and ambitious projects, you can choose the best development tools to speed up the process. Angular.js is an open source framework development, and AngularJS 1.4.3 stable version, first released in 2009 and stable released on July 15, 2015, is maintained by google. Best website Design Company in Hyderabad AngularJS is one of the most desirable frameworks for web developers who want to design web applications dynamically. Angular is a JavaScript-based open source framework for building client-side web applications. Let's first understand JavaScript. Angular is a client-side JavaScript framework specifically designed to help developers build single page applications (SPA) according to web development best practices. By providing a structured environment for building SPAs, the risk of generating "spaghetti code" is significantly reduced. A