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Most important principles of web designing?

Web design is a concept for planning, creating and maintaining websites. The very process that involves creativity in designing and building a website, and updating it regularly to incorporate changes, is also called website design. Badly designed websites tend to not work properly. And they have Google Analytics statistics not very satisfactory. So, when can we say that a website design is good? Below we explore the principles of good design. They will make your site enjoyable, easy to use, attractive and effective. Designing your website is more important for conversions than you think.You can implement any conversion boosting tactic in the world, but if it looks like crap, it won’t do you much good. Best web designing company in Hyderabad Effective Web Design Principles: 1. Don’t listen to the users They do not know what kind of experience they really want. Watch carefully what they do instead. The secret to creating an effective UX product (User Experience) and

The main difference between static websites and dynamic web sites

The main difference between static websites and dynamic web sites: Static Websites: A static website is a site that does not use any external database and is fully written in HTML. Static websites are coded with HTML and CSS. This means that every user visiting this website will receive exactly the same information. Static websites contain a fixed number of pages and the format of the web page is fixed, which provides information to the customer. In addition, updating static websites means going directly to HTML and making changes to it ... Knowledge of HTML and CSS means creating a static website, no other software needed to create a static website. It is a collection of texts, images and multimedia elements. The static pages of the website display exactly the same information each time someone visits it. The static pages of a website do not have to be plain text. Low cost web designing company in Hyderabad Advantages: Easy to develop Cheap to develop Cheap to we