The main difference between static websites and dynamic web sites

The main difference between static websites and dynamic web sites:
Static Websites:

A static website is a site that does not use any external database and is fully written in HTML. Static websites are coded with HTML and CSS. This means that every user visiting this website will receive exactly the same information. Static websites contain a fixed number of pages and the format of the web page is fixed, which provides information to the customer. In addition, updating static websites means going directly to HTML and making changes to it ... Knowledge of HTML and CSS means creating a static website, no other software needed to create a static website. It is a collection of texts, images and multimedia elements. The static pages of the website display exactly the same information each time someone visits it. The static pages of a website do not have to be plain text. Low cost web designing company in Hyderabad


Easy to develop
Cheap to develop
Cheap to welcome
Requires very little data to store on the server


Requires web development expertise to update the site
Site not as useful for the user (not friendly)
Content may become stagnant

Dynamic Websites:

Dynamic websites can dynamically change the content of the web page when the page is running on the client's browser. A dynamic website is a website that not only uses HTML and CSS, but also includes CGI (Common Gateway Interface) and languages ​​like AJAX, ASP, PERL, PHP, or other server-side scripting languages. Dynamic websites use client-side scripts to prepare a dynamic design and server-side code for managing events, managing sessions and cookies, and for storing and retrieving data from the database. Examples of e-commerce sites, online form application, e-governance site, social networking sites, etc. Top webdesigning companies in Hyderabad

The dynamic page will then load the structure for any page in the database, parameters supported in the URL with which a traveler requests the page. A dynamic website page is not necessarily better than a static website page. Many dynamic websites built on content management systems (CMS) make it easy to update information through a user-friendly interface.


Website much more functional
Much easier to update
Can connect to a database and content management system
New content brings people back to the site and helps in search engines
Can be used as a system that allows users or professionals to collaborate.


Slower, more expensive to develop
Accommodation is a bit more expensive

Difference between static and dynamic websites:

Developers typically create static pages with HTML, but use languages ​​such as PHP, a Java script, or an Action script to create dynamic pages. They can also use frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, PHP or Flex for dynamic pages. Dynamic languages ​​and frameworks also have the technical ability to create static web page content. However, this creates an unnecessarily complex source code while being more difficult to manage. Best web designing company in Hyderabad

Choosing to Use a Static vs. a dynamic website really depends on what the website needs to do. The difference between static and dynamic websites is quite vast in terms of functionality.

However, there are important differences between static and dynamic websites:

• In static web pages, the subject and content of Web pages remained fixed and in dynamic web pages, they changed depending on the execution time.• Static web pages are created using HTML, while dynamic web pages are created using PHP, JavaScript, and Action scripting languages. Web designing company in Hyderabad

• Static webpage navigation and insertion are faster than dynamic web pages because static web pages do not need the appeal of a server like dynamic pages.

• Changing the content of static web pages is a difficult task because you need to create and download a new page, whereas in a dynamic page server application, this is done mechanically.

• In static web pages, URL extensions are .html or .html, while in dynamic web pages, URL extensions are .php, .asp, and .jsp.

• Static web pages are created using HTML, while dynamic web pages are created using the PHP, Java Script, and Action Script languages.

From based on these differences, you will easily understand the benefits of these two terms. Due to this, you will be able to choose the correct type of websites. best web designing company in Warangal


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