AngularJS Development Tools for Web Developers

There is no developer who likes to write code the old-fashioned way these days. With deadlines, pending projects, and ambitious projects, you can choose the best development tools to speed up the process.

Angular.js is an open source framework development, and AngularJS 1.4.3 stable version, first released in 2009 and stable released on July 15, 2015, is maintained by google. Best website Design Company in Hyderabad

AngularJS is one of the most desirable frameworks for web developers who want to design web applications dynamically. Angular is a JavaScript-based open source framework for building client-side web applications. Let's first understand JavaScript.

Angular is a client-side JavaScript framework specifically designed to help developers build single page applications (SPA) according to web development best practices. By providing a structured environment for building SPAs, the risk of generating "spaghetti code" is significantly reduced.

AngularJS Development Tools for Web Developers:
AngularJS has become the framework of choice for most web developers who want to design web applications dynamically. In some cases, if any Angular JS developers are going to start the Angular JS project, they may need a number of tools to develop your website in a full-fledged manner.

Angle fire:

With this tool you can easily create Angular app backbends. Its flexible API, 3-way data binding, and rapid development capabilities make development easy.

Angled GetText:

This acts as a magic wand for developers, as it provides Angular translation support. Using this tool, you can easily convert any language so that it can be easily converted to a browser or local language, as in English tests.Low cost web designing


Sublime Text is similar to a more general purpose code editor and can be used for core PHP projects etc. However, you need a more specialized JavaScript-specific text editor that is also suitable for HTML and CSS. It is recommended to select WebStorm. 

Angular UI:

Unlike the first two tools that were editors / IDEs, Angular UI is a collection of UI components used in Angular JS development. With that help you will surely be able to finish your project faster.


Testing is one of the most important steps in the project development cycle. Using a tool like Karma makes this process easy and fast. It provides a perfect test environment that allows you to test the app on real browsers and real devices such as phones and tablets.


Jasmine is a test framework and is commonly used by Karma. This behavior-driven test framework does not depend on the browser, the DOM, or other JavaScript frameworks.

Test-driven development can be customized to take advantage of its features, but is usually used for motion-driven development.

Ng Inspector:

Most modern end users use Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari as their web browsers. Therefore, developers need to properly test the project from these browsers before launching. Ng-Inspector is provided as a browser extension for all these browsers. Low cost web design in Hyderabad


With this development tool, you can save yourself from the big headaches of using content development.
It is a reusable app that provides better app integration with AngularJS. . For web apps based on AngularJS, you can use Djangular. Setting up this tool is very easy.


Mocha is another JavaScript test framework. It is known for its flexibility and accurate reporting. This is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework that runs on node.

Sublime text:

A useful text editor tool for AngularJS web developers is Sublime. Help to reach the destination of the coding section with a short cut or a few keystrokes. It is very adaptable and customizable for any kind of programming environment. It also helps split the editing according to your tendency. When you switch projects easily, all changes are automatically saved in each project. 


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